Will the Plugin Pick up Revisions on a Page?

Alas, there are no static pages available to test; only a dynamic post page.

Nino says:  Yes but you need to set it up!… (see previous post)

will schedule the test info in a few minutes!!!!

The new posts testing can be done by following the steps in this postHere’s how you test if it will show the modified posts!

1.Log in the dashboard in the current browser (eg: chrome)


User: test1

Pass: test1

2. Go in the setting area of the plugin -Revisit Xperience and set the Sort by? to Modified posts.

3. Visit the plugin in another browser (eg firefox) than the one you are using to log in as the admin.
4. Wait 2 minutes.
5. Leave the website.

6. Go in your admin area in the first browser and modify 1 post.
7. Reopen the website (in the browser you’ve previously visited).
8. You should see the missed post count showing 1.

9.Go and buy it while it’s cheap :) ) (free updates)

I can guarantee it works! (Nino)

UPDATE: I forgot to add that selecting the sort by modified date setting shows brand new posts too! (so no problem…)

Testing on a Dynamic Post Followed by 3 Sequential Edits of that Post

The rain in Spain is mainly not to blame!   7:45 p.m


I’m now adding this line, to see if the plugin picks up revisions or just new posts.   7:55 p.m.


Nope. It didn’t pick up the revision of the first post. 

8:00 p.m


Let’s see what happens if I clear my cookies on the ‘viewing’ computer and then post this on the ‘sending’ computer….  8:05 p.m.


Later, From Nino: IT PICKS UP REVISIONS BUT YOU NEED TO MAKE THE SETTING in the settings area of the plugin (that part of the dashboard wasn’t available but i made it now)